I got into music in the 60's playing mainly blues, as i was an avid Eric Clapton fan, as most of North London had graffiti saying "Clapton is a God.
I then spent the next 45 years in Telecoms & Finance, with the odd foray back into playing Blues, R&B and even Reaggae.
When I retired I moved to Spain and started following all the local bands, before playing in a couple and re-learning how to be a musician. What was apparent was that the local weekly free newspapers always told me what i had missed. The music forums helped in finding live music, but it was easy to miss so many good gigs and musicians.
So i started the "Almeria Gig Guide" - Live music covering five forums, a website, centre page spread of "what's on in PadPall Pages", and of course our fortnightly interview with Jack Savage on his morning show. Keeping our followers informed of the new bands and the latest in what's on.
I also started The Blues Club and "The Sonny Boy Blues Band", with my old mate Colin Barnard and together with Dustin Greenwood and John Stroud we gig regularly.
Monday Night Blues is a follow-on from our bands "Sunday Blues" sessions; an opportunity to pour yourselves a drink, sit back and listen to the blues.
Between The Almeria Gig Guide, the Blues Band, The Blues Club and following the other bands that we like, Linda and I chill out with our rescue dog Pasquale, who is more famous locally than we are!!