Dominic Forbes

Dominic Forbes is a British music radio producer and presenter, specialising in British Classic Rock.

His programmes can be heard across the world on FM, MW, DAB and the Internet.

Muzzle the dog, put the tea on hold and fasten the windows because it's about to get LOUD.


Paul Baker

I first got the radio bug when I was at school and I used to put two ancient hi-fi systems together and record my own shows
on a flat deck tape player (thankfully these tapes no longer exist).
Many years later at college in 1991, I worked on a charity station called Radio Cracker and knew this is what I wanted to do,
however with other things taking off I never really found the opportunity to pursue this until 2010
when a visit to the studios of Skyline Radio in Southampton reignited my enthusiasm for radio.

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Viv Craggs

Having lived “Down South” for most of my life, my roots are still firmly entrenched in the North East of England, among the beautiful countryside of the Durham and Yorkshire Dales.Life has taken me many places, bringing me into radio at a pretty late stage in my life, however I enjoy it enormously, sharing my love of music with my audience and chatting about anything that comes into my head.
I used to help run a small radio station in the UK, following the closure of our station I went on to develop a radio programme syndication service with my partner in addition to jointly producing and presenting a popular radio show which was broadcast to approx 60 countries Worldwide. Personally I have been producing and presenting radio programmes for several years now.

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David Sibbald

A Scot from Edinburgh but at university in Glasgow, I embarked on my radio career at Radio Clyde in the Newsroom. But I found the attraction of teaching Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French was too strong to resist.

In 1985 I moved abroad (to England!) and managed to own a restaurant while teaching part-time. It was then I had a regular Sunday Nostalgia programme on Yorkshire Dales Radio, then on the internet and after I finally retired from teaching, I found myself doing a daily breakfast show on a community radio station in Yorkshire.

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Smooth FM’s soothing voice belongs to new recruit Laura. Laura’s interests include her family, of course, music, shopping (also ‘of course’)! Her musical taste is for the quieter sounds - so she’s a perfect choice for The Relaxation Hour on Sundays from 8 – 9 pm, with singers and groups we have loved over the years, plus some modern artistes – but all under the umbrella of gentler sounds.

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Jack Savage

Jack the man that wherever he lays his hat he calls home. A life spent in music as a Dj, Producer, Engineer, Radio Presenter, Jack has many different faces and Names when it comes to the music industry.
The Radio Presenter
The Producer making his own tracks since the early 90's
Ghost writer
The Dance DJ that plays house / techno / tribal at clubs festivals worldwide
For many years a record label owner / promoter running dance events as well as owning and running bars / pubs and clubs.
Getting Jack to write anything about himself impossible, getting Jack to talk impossible to Stop.

Les Adams

Club DJ...

Les has been a professional DJ since 1979 and was one of the first DJ’s in the UK to adopt the American “beat matching” (BPM) form of mixing. He was taught to mix by American DJ Greg James who was an understudy of Ritchie Kaczor, the resident spinner at New York's legendary nightclub “Studio 54”

Les’ mixing skills on the turntables and musical knowledge led to him working in top London nightclubs and in 1980 he secured a job as the resident DJ at London’s premiere nightclub “Regines”. He was also invited to play in their New York and Paris Venues.

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Mike Brown

Mike made his radio debut in 1992, and back then you had to choose between East 17 or Take That. As all the girls liked the latter, Mike went on-air for the very first time dressed in big baggy jeans, a checked shirt, chunky gold earrings and a baseball cap. Yes, he knows this was a mistake now. Since then, Mike has continued to make fashion mistakes, and present on the radio. He also decided to come out of the studio to DJ in pubs and clubs, hosting everything from student nights to specialist music events, most of this was done in flowery shirts! To cut a long story short, he became a pub landlord, but realised it wasn't for him as he had to dress smart, and so he's back behind the mic wearing what the hell he likes!

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Rod Oxley


Rod started DJ'ing way back in the 70's travelling around Yorkshire in an old GPO transit van. His first venture into radio was with Smooth FM 7 years ago with a weekly show " Step Back In Time". This quickly became 2 shows a week when he started presenting a Motown show. In partnership with Mark Deakin he took over Smooth FM and was at the helm for nearly 3 years presenting the Breakfast Show. Following this he provided cover for the Breakfast Show.

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Paul Breen-Turner

Paul Breen-Turner….or “PBT” as he is known to his mates (or people who can’t be bothered to spend the 20 minutes it takes to say his name) has broadcast for more than 17 years.

Early years were spent between his mums home town of Cape Town, and then it was off for some serious sheep shearing in Mid Wales!

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Sean Bell

Sean started his DJ-ing career aged 13, back in the early 1980s, at his local Hessle Youth Club, before moving into the mobile disco market, then working as a residential club and bar DJ around the world. During this time he also co-owned a DJ and ‘security’ agency supplying staff to Club 18 to 30 venues across Europe.

Today, as well as writing and producing effective and ‘ear’-catching radio and TV commercials, Sean (who also once trained to be a stunt performer) is a member of the actors union, Equity, and has made numerous appearances in British TV programmes including (amongst others) Emmerdale, Heartbeat and The Royal.

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Andy Saunders

I've been working in radio since I was little! Well I still am little. I was 17 when I started playing records on the radio in Germany. Since then, my voice has been heard on Star Radio in Weston super Mare, BCR FM in Bridgwater, Quaywest FM in Bridgwater and West Somerset, a few stations around the Midlands, and recently North Devon's The Voice.


Hi Ray, Thanks again for all you efforts and helping us to raise €820 net after expenses last Sunday on our Family Fun Day. Would it be possible for me to come down to the studio to give out a personal thank you to all who supported us and attended on the day. €410 will go toward helping families in need in Arboleas and €410 to the schoolchildren of Arboleas to help pay for school outings etc. ONCE AGAIN A MASSIVE THANK YOU !!!!!
Ray and the ACRAA Committee
Great tracks, every one, but whilst making wife comfy after steroid injection, would have appreciated brief reference to artists! Keep up the good work entertaining us!!
The Committee of F.A.C.E. would like to thank you for your generous donation of 150€. The monies you raised from your tombola will be distributed to one or more of the area's charitable organisations needing financial support. With your generosity and hard work you have contributed to helping them with their needs, so thank you on their behalf too. F.A.C.E. is a registered Charity in Arboleas raising money for local needs. We are totally dependent upon external support/donations and also the commitment of our volunteers. We have raised considerable amounts of money in the past to help those in need and we would like to carry on doing so in the future, so your continuing support will be very much appreciated.
Amanda Maunders – Secretary, On behalf of the F.A.C.E. Committee
Hi Ray I have to write to say your show is the best in the area without being prejudice it is worth tuning into. I always say live presenting is always better, we had the same problem down on mijas costa. Presenters are hard to get as most do it free or get their own sponsors. Well done keep it up and keep playing my type of music.
Hi Smooth FM, Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoy your recent programmes. We have been Smooth FM (via computer) listeners since you first started but we also listened to BBC Radio2 quite often particularly on a Sunday. However since you have improved your signal we are able to receive you loud and clear on our radio and I want you to know how we appreciate the music you are playing now and not too many adverts, we listen to you all day. (up to 18.15 when Mum wants to watch Pointless!!!!) We are a couple of 'Old Codgers' in our eighties and you play all the music we like? Particularly on a Sunday when it was always BBC Radio2 all day. Well done and thank you.
John Patrick (Big Bad John)
Dear Smooth FM, The Committee of F.A.C.E. would like to thank you for providing the music and your generous donation of a raffle prize at our recent summer night market. The monies raised from the event  will be distributed to one or more of the area's charitable organization's needing financial support. With your generosity and hard work you have contributed to helping them with their needs, so thank you on their behalf too.
The Committee